A few things that my clients and others have said about me. I pull these from twitter and from my LinkedIn profile. If you have worked with me and would like to recommend me, that would be lovely (but no pressure!).

"Lorna is an expert in her field, is well prepared and maintains focus on the desired result. She's an excellent coach and trainer, very easy to work with and patient. Great value, results driven - can't really recommend her highly enough."

From my LinkedIn Profile

"I've been to a few tech conferences where Lorna has opened the keynote presentation, from the start I found her engaging and clearly knowledgeable around her chosen specialty subjects, so when we needed to hire someone to train new staff she was at the top of my list.

Lorna didn't disappoint, the training was customised around the requirements of our new recruits and more importantly our business goals. Training materials and VM's were provided for the sessions, which were well structured and thought out.

Lorna articulated a wide range of topics in a clear and concise manner that was well digested by the audience in a fun and engaging environment.

For me it has been good to see the results from investing in training for staff and how they have put the knowledge into practice in their daily jobs.

We look forward to working with Lorna again in the future, I'd fully recommend her services"

from my LinkedIn Profile