Upcoming Dates

Here are the training dates I've got coming up - including public training courses and conference workshops. If you've got any questions about exactly what's in any of the courses or whether they are right for you, just get in touch!

Git & GitHub Foundations/Advanced One-Day Workshops

Foundations: Dublin, 12th March 2014
Foundations: Ljubljana, 14th/15th April 2014
Advanced: Ljubljana, 17th/18th April 2014

Totally excited to be teaching these workshops from Github, as a developer this is a tool that I use daily and really benefit from understanding it well! Bring laptops, questions, and an open mind, I have so much to tell you about git. For real, technical details, you can read more about both the Foundations and Advanced courses.

For more information and to book for Dublin, visit the event page.

For more info, and to book for Ljubljana: http://kendu.si/git/ (I am teaching in English, email me if you can't read the Slovenian page and want to come!)

PHP: Object Oriented Programming

Dublin, 13th March 2014

If you're using PHP but not yet into OOP, then this workshop is for you! We'll explain the why of OOP as well as getting to grips with the syntax and working through some hands-on, practical examples. Come along and spend the day taking your PHP skills to the next level!

For more info, and to book: http://tcubedublin.com/php-object-orientated-programming/

PHP Tools

Dublin, 14th March 2014

For PHP developers of all levels - come and workshop on the best of PhP tools to get the most out of your application. This session aims to give pragmatic advice on installing and using tools including composer, PEAR and a bunch of libraries available from there, with a focus on quality. We'll be looking at how we can include and use existing tools in our projects, and trying them all out ourselves.

For more info, and to book: http://tcubedublin.com/php-tools/

I am scheduling new dates all the time, if you are wishing I'd bring a particular course to a particular place let me know (if you add your email address, I'll ping you when I do).