I don't like calling myself a consultant; the word conjures an image of someone charging too much and leaving more work to do that can be charged for! In fact I consider my services to be more borrow a senior developer in style. If you need something doing and either don't have the skills in house, or don't have the available resources, then that's one of the things I can help with.

I do offer training, but I also like to work in a workshop style. It looks a lot like training, there are slides and handouts - but once I've covered the theory, we all sit around the table and implement whichever tool or strategy I just discussed. This is great for technical tools where it can be hard to get off the mark, but let me come and set it up, configure it correctly, and show you what to do; your team can probably run with it from there, once they have all they need.

My aim is to work out what you need, deliver it, and leave your team equipped to handle the situation going forward, whether it was a new tool, or a piece of code that I delivered. With this in mind, I like to meet a team before training it, to make sure that I'm pitching everything correctly.

If you need something and you think I can help, just let me know. I'm flexible in the way that I work and even if I can't help, I might know someone who can and I'm always happy to talk. There's a list of ways to get in touch on my contact page.