Your Open Source Persona

J And Beyond, June 2014

Keynote for Joomla! and Beyond. I doubt the slides make much sense but they do have some citations at the end. Mostly this talk is about community, karma, and responsibility.

Update: now with video!


Upgrading PHP

DrupalCamp Scotland/phpDay Italy, May 2014

This talk was given in very different ways on two consecutive weekends: first at DrupalCamp Scotland in Edinburgh, and then at phpDay in Verona. Two different crowds, different events, but the same message. Upgrade, FFS :)


A Community API

APIStrat, March 2014

A short talk at APIStrat in Amsterdam about the API.


Git Flow vs Github Flow

Net Magazine, March 2014

net252coverI had the privilege of taking ownership of the head-to-head column this month in net, and I pitted git flow against github flow for a full comparison of these two branching strategies.

You can get a single edition if you want to read it:


Debugging HTTP

PHPUK, February 2014

A remake of previous editions of this talk, I was privileged to have the opportunity to give it this time on the main stage at PHPUK. Great event, great atmosphere, great people :)





Create a Dashboard Using Guzzle

Net Magazine, January 2014

A hands-on tutorial for netmag, this was a fun project to build a dashboard giving insights to a project by using Guzzle to pull data from GitHub's API and display it. It's a walk through of how to create something like this using guzzle, starting with HTML5 Boilerplate to give a nice, clean look, then putting the flash on those bones with data from github.

It's in Issue 251, March 2014 - you can get back issues here: