Upgrading PHP

php|tek 2013

PHP gets better and better all the time, 5.4 and 5.5 have really impressive features - but also improved security and performance. This presentation aimed to combine tastes of the features that were added in PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 - but to combine these promises of a better life with practical advice on how to get from your current platform (whatever it is!) and catch up with the good stuff.


PS PHP 5.2 has been end of life for some years. Please upgrade!


Consuming REST with PHP and Streams

Josetteorama, May 2013

I had the privilege of being asked to write for Josetteorama recently, and here is my article now published there: The idea is to give some practical examples of using streams, which I think are a hugely under-appreciated feature of PHP. You can handle data piecewise, add filters as you please, and it has all the options you'll ever need (and probably a few you won't!) for working with HTTP.


Debugging HTTP

WhiskyWeb, April 2013

This talk covers some of the tools I use when I'm working with HTTP: browser tools, curl, Wireshark and Charles. I walked through some examples, mostly using pre-recorded screencasts, and also showed a live demo proxying an android phone through Charles on my laptop and rewriting the requests it makes.



REST for Web Developers

WhiskyWeb, April 2013

Last-minute stand-in session for a missing speaker at WhiskyWeb (since I was there anyway). The audience asked some really good questions during the talk and I almost enjoyed myself!


Preparing to Speak

These slides are from my session at the virtual conference Day Camp for Developers (episode 5, I think I've spoken at four of them!), which was all about public speaking. My session covered "preparing to speak" and aimed to take you through the process from acceptance to being ready to go on stage.