Choose the Right Git Branching Strategy

Net Magazine, April 2015

net_z1_z1(3) (1)Writing for netmag is always fun, and this time was no exception. I often work with teams of various disciplines to identify and implement the right branching strategy for them so it was good to generalise some of those ideas and share. Also: netmag is gorgeous and it's so much fun to be in physical print! I even showed my parents :)

This was edition 267, June 2015.


Getting Involved in PHP 7

PHP Round Table, April 2015

I had the pleasure of being a guest on this PHP podcast, specifically to talk about PHP 7


Get Ready For PHP 5.4+

WordCamp, March 2015

Presented at WordCamp London, a chance to showcase some important new features and gotchas for those upgrading to modern versions of PHP.


Debugging HTTP

SmashingConf, March 2015

My first time at SmashingConf and I had a fun time talking to a more frontend, but no less technical, audience than my usual crowd. The slides are a bit sparse as a good proportion of this talk is demo/screencast, but here they are:


New Wave PHP

PHPUK, February 2015

I had the pleasure of speaking at PHPUK again this year, this time with a talk on the best bits of the newer versions of PHP and some tips for upgrading. Since the first step to getting ready for PHP 7 is to get up onto PHP 5.5 or 5.6, I think this was a very relevant topic.



Git Branches for Fun and Profit

Daycamp4developers, December 2014

I gave this talk at Day Camp for Developers, a virtual conference attended by people all over the world. This makes for fun with timezones, but luckily I was allowed to have the first slot so that I was still awake for my talk!