New Wave PHP

DrupalCon, October 2014

DrupalCon is a fun event, and it was a privilege to be able to go and tell that community all about what's changed in PHP between the current minimum version requirement for Drupal 7 (PHP 5.2!) and today. Great crowd as always :)




OOP For Drupal Developers

DrupalCon, September 2014

I visited DrupalCon as a tourist when it came to Amsterdam - I don't use Drupal at all but since it's built on PHP, there's quite a bit of overlap between the communities. I was delighted to come and present on OOP at this event, since the new version of Drupal will use many more of these features.




Contribute To Open Source With Git

Net Magazine, September 2014

net259coverWhen @netmag asked me if I could write down just enough git to allow someone to get involved in open source, I jumped at the chance. Even better, they improved my felt-tip-pen diagrams and created something that is both useful and pretty! The article walks you through, getting the code you want to work on, keeping up with an evolving project, and some tips on how to create a great pull request that will get accepted and make you an open source contributor.


Web Frontend, API Backend

Nomad PHP, August 2014

I had a lot of fun giving this talk for the virtual PHP user group, Nomad PHP. What I love about this group is that it's open to everyone, wherever and whoever you are. They hold events in varying timezones to reach as many people as possible - and if that still doesn't work for you, then you can always sign up to receive the video later.

This talk covers both concepts and code, walking through the real nuts and bolts of putting together both a frontend and backend, both built in PHP with Slim framework. It is accompanied by a GitHub repo of sample code and instructions on how to use OAuth to make the logging in step easy.

I'll also be giving this talk at a couple of other events this autumn, PHPNW and ZendCon


Debugging HTTP

OSCON, July 2014

I've given this talk in a few places, but it was a privilege to deliver it again at OSCON! It's a very practical walk through using curl, Wireshark and Charles to work out what's going on at different levels of your application by inspecting the HTTP traffic.


Advanced Adventures in Git

An advanced git talk with a twist - you get to choose your own adventure through the talk content to work out what you want to see! This talk is fun because it's never the same twice.

No slides (sorry) because they only show the adventure - the actual git content is a combination of scripts (to get the repo into the correct state very, very quickly) and the rest is demo. This session wasn't recorded.